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Live reviews

"With their thrashy death, or deathy thrash, incredible technique and cool transitions with great insight, this was extremely fun. Even though the guitars could have been more audible here and there. At times I saw the lead parts, but then they often disappeared in the mix. They looked good live, and really showed us a terrific performance regarding this being their debut show".
-- Icon Music Mag

Fairytale of Perversion

"How does this band sound? At times fucking great, if you ask me! (…) Exeloume are tight almost too the absurd, but as the same time I think it’s playful enough so that the technical aspect don’t’ overshadow the music-feel. Exeloume are both catchy and fuzzy and they deserve more attention."
-- Scream Magazine

"This is Testament-thrash (…) and packed with cool instrumental moments. Promise me that there will be a full-length album some time! Ok?"
-- 7,5/10

"Exeloume convinced us already with The Longest Shadow, and continue to show us what they are capable of. (…) We’re still looking forward to the full-length album"

The Longest Shadow

"The Longest Shadow contains five songs with really great metal/thrash. (…) This is maybe the best demo I’ve reviewed the last six months".

"The performance of the instruments is of supreme quality. This is technical and quite chaotic thrash-/death metal (…) this is no doubt a demo of highest quality regarding both the band and production"
-- Norway Rock Magazine

"The best thing with this EP is the exciting guitar-riffs from the guitarist Tom "Welhaven" Wahl and Andrè Ulriksen. (…) and also the advanced drumming from one of Norway’s best drummers in Alessandro Elide."